December 28, 2014                  Sporty Diva at Green Lake- PAWS and Northwest Harvest

November 9, 2014                    Sporty Diva at Orting Trail- Orting Food Bank  

October 5, 2014                       Sporty Diva at Chambers Bay- Pierce County Humane Society

August 31 and 

September 1, 2014                   Sporty Diva's Bad Azz Back to Back at Western Chehalis Trail- Thurston County Food Bank

March 23, 2014                         Sporty Diva's 4M, 8M and 1/2 at Seward Park- proceeds American Cancer Society     

December 29, 2013                   Sporty Diva's 2nd Annual at Green Lake-  Northwest Harvest and Paws


September 28, 2013                  Sporty Diva's 3rd Annual 1/2, 15k, 10k and 5k at Chambers Bay- proceeds Pierce County Humane Society

September 1st and 2nd 2013  Sporty Diva's Bad Azz Back 2 Back at Western Chehalis Trail- proceeds-Thurston County Food Bank

April 21, 2013                            Sporty Diva's 2~4~6~8 and 10 Miler at Lincoln Park 

April 6, 2013                              Sporty Diva's 19 & 9.5 Miler and  5k at Lake Youngs Trail 

December 2012                       Sporty Diva's 1/2, 15k, 10k and 5k at Green Lake-  art supplies for an art memorial program for R. Meline and a

                                                   donation was give to PAWS and 26 Acts of Kindness was randomly committed to honor of the 26 victims who 

                                                   died in Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.

September 2012                    Sporty Diva's 2nd Annual 1/2, 15k, 10k and 5k at Chambers Bay-   Pierce County Humane   and The N.A.L.L.S Foundation

January 2012                           Sporty Diva's 1/2, 15k, 10k and 5k Memorial Run for Mary at Chambers Bay- proceeds Mary's children

September 2011                     Sporty Diva's 1st Annual 1/2, 15, 10 and 5k at Chambers Bay- sponsored a Sister from the Congo

May 2011                                  Sporty Diva's 5k and 10k at Chambers Bay  the combined proceeds of the April and May events sponsored a Sister from the Cong

April 2011                                 Sporty Diva's 5k and 10k at Green Lake

Sponsoring Sisters in the Congo

Esperance Cidoro is our second sister and she was born in 1972. She is married and has 4 children . She

started her program in June, 2011 and is part of the Omulanzi/Kalehe group in
DRC.  Esperance will graduate from her program in June 2012 Our First Sister
Byaombe Masoka is our first Congolese Sister and lives in DRC.  She was born in 1966, is widowed and has 5 children.  Byaombe is in a circle of 25 women and will learn about women's rights, job skills and have cash assistance.  She will graduate from the program in September 2011.  The languages that are spoken in DRC are French, Lingala and Swahili.




I initially read about Run for Congo Women in Runner's World in July and crossed paths with it again on July 10 after seeing Ruined at the Intiman Theater.  I felt in my heart that Run for Congo Women was the organization that I was looking for and immediately began reading books, watching movies and anything I could find on You Tube about the Congo.  I also started my Penny, Nickel and Dime Project where I am currently saving all of my coins in a jeweled box to save 354.00 to sponsor a woman in the Congo.  Saving the coins reminds me to count my blessings and to live a good life.  Once the goal is met, I will repeat the process and continue to pay it forward.....We are all in this life together.
The Congo is the world's deadliest conflict since World War Two.  Millions of people have died there with half of the deaths being children under the age of five.  The conflict began with the ending of the Rwandan genocide.  The Interahamwe-Hutu militia were responsible for the killings of 1 million people in Rwanda in a four month time span.  The Interahamwe were pushed over the border and spilled into the Congo and began living there and terrorizing the people.  
Militia and or government forces were sent in to fight the Interahamwe, then each other.  It has been called "Africa's First World War".  The UN has also stated that the nations involved are using the war as a cover for looting diamonds, coltan, gold and other resources from this mineral rich region.
The Congolese were-are left to defend themselves against attacks, rape, stealing, murder and are not even left with the basic conditions necessary for life.  Women have been gang raped, tortured and have watched their children die from preventable illnesses.  Their husbands have been killed in front of them also.  In spite of all that they have endured, they continue to have courage and strength, often taking in orphaned children and caring for others even though they have been left with nothing themselves.
Women for Women International was founded in 1993 by Zainab Salbiby and operates in 8 countries.  The organization provides support to women in war and post-war regions--like the Democratic Republic of the Congo with financial assistance, job skills training, rights awareness education, trauma counseling and small business assistance.  Since 1993, Women for Women International has helped thousands of female survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts rebuild their lives and regain their sense of self.  Women are given the tools they need to help them move from victim to survivor to active citizen.
Run for Congo Women was a grassroots effort started by Lisa Shannon from Oregon.  In 2006, while watching Oprah, Zainab Salbiby was on the show explaining the crisis facing women in the Congo.  Lisa decided to do something and signed up to sponsor 2 women and started the program Run for Congo Women.  Initially, Lisa ran alone and raised 28,000.  But since her first run, the movement has expanded nationwide.  Lisa has taken several trips to the Congo and written a book about her experiences, "A THOUSAND SISTERS".
When a woman is sponsored in the Congo, the finacial contribution will provide her with a year long intense training program that focuses on rights awareness education, job skills training and money for direct aid.  It takes about 6 weeks to be matched with a "sister" and to receive information about her.  Letters are exchanged and considered a wonderful tool for helping her because she will know someone cares about her.  Translators work with sisters to write letters to their sponsors.  Letters are also dictated for women that are illiterate.
Updates are given on how she is progressing via the Outreach newsletter and email updates.  It only takes 354.00 to sponsor a woman.  That's 27.00 per month and a one time fee of 30.00 to help offset the administrative costs.
She will also receive emotional support and encouragement and be agle to network with women in her community.  Business assistance is also provided and more than anything, she will have hope for a brighter future.

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